How to Get Bad Spirits Out of Your Home

Things You'll Need

  • 12 cartons salt

  • White taper candles

  • Myrrh, sandalwood or sage incense

  • Chalice of water

  • Sea salt

  • Incense holders

  • Candlesticks

  • Consecrated oil

couple in new home

No one wants to feel uncomfortable in her own home. If you feel your home is filled with negative energy or worse, bad spirits, then there are steps you can take to make your home feel homey again. A home filled with negative energy can leave you feeling depleted, make the house generally uncomfortable to stay in and make you fell restless and unable to relax. If there are spirits, you may have experienced some paranormal phenomenon, such as objects moving, cold spots in the house, a "bad" feeling in certain rooms or you might even have seen a spirit.

Step 1


Place the salt cartons on the floor and prepare them for use by consecrating the salt. Consecrate the cartons of salt by either invoking a pentagram or, if you are a Christian, make the sign of the cross and ask God to sanctify the salt. Salt is a natural cleanser and absorbs negative energies.

Step 2

woman leaning on wall

Announce to the spirits that you are going to encircle them with salt and that they must leave or be trapped for eternity. Use a loud voice, and make sure you affirm strongly that you are going to do this and that your home will be cleansed. Reiterate that they must leave now.

Step 3


Go outside of your house and pour a contiguous stream of salt about 1/2-inch wide all around in a clockwise direction. Leave a 3-foot opening in your circle.

Step 4

man looking at watch

Announce to the spirits that they now have five minutes to leave before the circle will be closed. Count down the five minutes: say out loud "four minutes left," "three minutes left," etc.

Step 5

woman outside with breeze beside her

Close the circle with the salt after the five minutes. You should have felt a rush of wind come past you in the last few seconds of the countdown; this was the spirits leaving.

Step 6

woman praying

Say a prayer or make a blessing of thanks for bringing peace to your home. Leave the salt in place for 24 hours to ensure that the spirits are kept away.

Step 7

chalice on table

Fill your chalice with warm water, and dissolve a couple of teaspoons of sea salt in the water. "Charge" the chalice with white light by visualizing bright white light covering the chalice and filling it with energy.

Step 8

woman in bath

Take a bath or a shower; you must be cleansed to cleanse your house. Ask to be purified of all negative energies.

Step 9

woman out of bath

Pour the saltwater from the chalice over yourself, covering your whole body from head to foot. While you are doing this, visualize white light covering your body and removing any negative energy. Get out of the bath or shower and dry off.

Step 10


Dab oil on your brow, heart and each shoulder. Ask for white-light protection from the Goddess if your are Wiccan, or ask for protection from God if you are Christian. Imagine white light surrounding you and protecting you.

Step 11

candles and incense

Place one candle and one incense stick in each room of the house. Place one candle and incense stick at each entrance to the house. Prepare another chalice with warm water and sea salt and go through the whole house sprinkling the water, making sure you sprinkle behind doors, in closets and anywhere you think negative energy may have gathered.

Step 12

woman praying and holding cross

Say something like: "Negative energy may not stay, I release it and send it on its way. Negative energy, I banish thee, And as my word, so shall it be!" If you are Christian you may wish to say a pray instead.
When you have finished sprinkling, light all the candles and incense. Let the candles burn right down and while they are burning, sit in a quiet place and imagine your home filling with white-light energy. You can do this ritual every few months to clear away negative energy in your home.


Buy natural salt, not the iodized kind, as this is not a natural product. Clean your house completely prior to either of these rituals; house cleansing should be physical as well as spiritual. Make sachets and hang protective herbs around your house such as fennel seeds, lavender and basil. If you are Catholic, call in a priest to either bless your home or perform an exorcism if you really feel there are bad spirits present.


Ensure that you place candles and incense in a safe place away from anything flammable.