How to Fix a Leak in a Hose in an Aboveground Swimming Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • Paper towel

  • Grease pencil

  • Waterproof plastic sealant kit

  • Waterproof silicone sealant tape

An outdoor, aboveground pool employs a pump to circulate and aerate the water. A leak in the flexible plastic hose connecting the pump to the pipe assembly reduces the water pressure and must be fixed if the pool is to continue being used. Fix the hose by first determining where the leak originates, then fill the leak with a waterproof plastic sealant and wrap with tape. Household tools are needed, but no special equipment.


Step 1

Turn on the filter and check the flexible hoses to locate the leak. Run a dry paper towel along the length of the hoses and note where the paper towel becomes wet. Mark this area on the hose by drawing a circle with a grease pencil.

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Step 2

Turn off the electric power to the pool. If there is a power switch on a fuse panel next to the pool, push the switch to "Off." Otherwise trip the appropriate circuit breaker in the home's main fuse box. If in doubt, turn off all the electricity.


Step 3

Open the bottom panel to the pool pump assembly. If screws are holding the panel onto the side of the pool, remove the screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4

Twist the water valve knobs inside the panel clockwise to close off the water. Twist by hand or use the pliers, if necessary.


Step 5

Remove the caps from the two tubes of waterproof plastic sealant that come with the sealant kit. Insert a pin into each tube to open. Swivel the top of the syringe that comes with the sealant kit away from the two tube sleeves. Place each tube into a sleeve on the syringe, open end down. Swivel the top of the syringe back to its original position.


Step 6

Ensure the hose is dry, then place the tip of the syringe against an edge of the circle on the hose. Press down on the plunger as you move the tip around the inside of the circle. Coat the entire circle with sealant.

Step 7

Let the sealant set for the time specified in the instructions before adding another layer of sealant. Remove the tubes from the syringe and replace the caps. Allow the sealant to dry completely.


Step 8

Wrap waterproof silicone sealant tape around the area of the hose that has been sealed, at least three times.

Step 9

Turn the water valve knobs in the panel all the way counterclockwise to open. Place the panel back on the pool and reattach the screws. Restore the electric power to the pool.


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