How to Keep Birds From Nesting in My Bushes

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic snakes

  • Plastic owls

  • CDs

  • String

  • Old clothes

  • Dowels

  • Bird Netting

  • Stakes

Keep birds out of your berry bushes for a better crop.

While birds add color and life to a yard or garden, they can be pests when they start nesting in your bushes. They leave droppings that may carry diseases and contribute to the spread of parasites. If you grow edibles, they can quickly strip berries from the bushes and seeds from grains. If you have noticed such damage, take steps to prevent birds from nesting in your bushes.


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Step 1

Hang plastic snakes or plastic owls in your bushes; snakes and owls are natural predators of birds and will drive them away. Twine the snakes through the branches and hang the owls from nearby trees. Move the plastic animals from time to time so that the birds do not become accustomed to them.


Step 2

Tie a loop of string through the hole in a CD and hang them from the bushes. The brightly flashes of light bouncing off of the CD cover startles the birds and keeps them away. Change where you place the CDs from time to time so that they remain a surprise to birds.

Step 3

Tie dowels into a cross-like shape and place old clothes on it to make a scarecrow. Stuff a brown paper bag with paper or scraps to make a head and impale it on top of the scarecrow's frame. Place the scarecrow in a bush to keep the birds away.


Step 4

Place four stakes around each bush that you want to protect and cover them with bird netting, which is a fine mesh that does not allow birds to pass through. Staple the bird netting to the stakes and leave them in place.