How to Drag a Field to Remove Weeds

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Weeds in a field create fire hazards and cover for insects and vermin. If you want to plant the field, remove the weeds with a drag before planting the crop. If you don't remove the weeds, the new seedlings will have to compete with the weeds for soil nutrients and moisture. It will be all but impossible to plant any field overgrown with weed patches. You can build or buy a drag and then pull it behind a vehicle to remove the weeds.


Major weed removal may require plowing or discing.

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Things You'll Need

  • Concrete Blocks (Optional)

  • Burn Permits

  • Used Tires (Optional)

  • Pulling Vehicle

  • Garden Hose And Water Supply

  • Pitchfork

  • Metal Hitch Pin

  • Matches

Step 1

Attach the drag to the back of a garden tractor, all-terrain vehicle or a pick-up truck. The drag will have a pull chain that has a hitch hole in the center of the chain's length. Place this hitch hole over the hole in the hitch of the pulling vehicle. Slide a metal pin down through the two holes to hitch the drag's hitch to the hitch of the pulling vehicle.


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Step 2

Drive the pulling vehicle around the perimeter of the field four times. This is called opening up the field. Once you've gone around four times, get out and remove all of the weeds from the drag. Grab the weeds by hand and pull them away from the drag. Use a pitchfork to pile the weeds up.


Step 3

Continue driving in circles around the field until you've dragged over all of the weeds. Stop after every four rounds and clean out the weeds.

Step 4

Allow the weed piles to dry out and then burn them with matches. Do this on a windless day and obtain burn permits prior to burning. Have a garden hose in hand to help manage the fires. Burn one pile at a time.


If the drag isn't heavy enough to grab the weeds, load concrete blocks or used tires on the top of it to weight it down.


Notify your local fire department before burning weeds.



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