Home-tek Steam Mop Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Micro-fiber pad

Steam-clean hard floor surfaces with the Home-tek steam mop.

The Home-tek steam mop is designed for use on tile, vinyl and wood laminate flooring. This type of mop works a bit differently than your regular cleaning mop, as it uses steam to safely sanitize your hard flooring surfaces while removing stuck-on buildup.


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Step 1

Open the cap of the water reservoir. This is located at the base of the unit, at the top of the reservoir, and twist it off.

Step 2

Pour tap water into the unit until you meet the fill line; water temperature makes no difference.


Step 3

Make sure a micro-fiber pad is attached to the bottom of the unit. This will be included with your purchase, and you may need to replace the pads over time if they wear or become heavily soiled. Replacements can be purchased from the manufacturer. If you need to attach the pad to the steam-cleaning unit, position the shape of the pad so it matches the base of the unit and snap into place on all four corners.


Step 4

Turn on the power switch with your foot. The switch is located at the bottom back side of the unit.

Step 5

Push the steam mop over the hard floor surface, pushing the steam trigger as needed at the top of the handle. Continue until your floor is cleaned to your liking.