How to Give a Corsage to Your Prom Date

With a corsage and boutonnière, you and your date are ready for the prom.
With a corsage and boutonnière, you and your date are ready for the prom. (Image: Digital Vision./Photodisc/Getty Images)

Prom is an exciting tradition for high school students. After asking someone to the prom, renting a tuxedo and making other arrangements for the special night, high school boys must purchase a corsage to give to their prom date. With the right corsage, you can get the night off to a good start and make your date look even more stunning in her gown.

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Getting A Corsage

Ask your prom date for information about her dress and her preferences. It is important that the corsage complement your date's dress, so knowing the color as well as the style of the dress will be helpful. Knowing the type of flowers your date prefers can also help you pick out a corsage that your date will like.

Also ask which she prefers, a pin-on or wrist corsage. It is best to ask, but wrist corsages tend to be the most popular.

Head to the florist shop to order your corsage at least two weeks before the prom. There, you can ask the florist for any tips, such as trendy flowers or blooms that are in season.

Order the corsage so that it will be ready the day of your prom. Begin by picking the flowers. While roses and carnations are typical choices, corsages can be crafted from a variety of flowers. Try calla lilies or orchids for an exotic or modern-looking corsage. Incorporate your date's favorite flowers, as well. At some florist shops, you will also have to choose a ribbon for the corsage. Be sure to remember the color of your date's dress when selecting a ribbon.

Pick up the corsage on the day of the prom, when it is fresh.

Bring the corsage with you when you meet up with your date. Compliment her on her dress and how beautiful she looks, and show her the corsage. Offer to help her put it on.

Putting On A Corsage

Hold a pin-on corsage carefully by the stem. Ask your date where on her dress she would like the corsage to be pinned. Typically, corsages are place at the top left of her dress, about 4 inches from the tip of her left shoulder. Place the corsage against the dress at a slight angle, with the flowers facing away from your date's body. Check to ensure the corsage's position is desirable.

Use your other hand to stick the pin into the dress' fabric at the bottom left corner of the corsage's stem. Gently weave the pin out of the fabric so the pin is sticking out of the dress.

Push the pin further so that about an inch of the pin is exposed and tightly over the stem, at an angle to hold it in place. Weave the pin under the fabric on the other side of the corsage, making sure that the pin remains tight. Touch the corsage to make sure it is securely held in place by the pin's pressure.

Stick the tip of the pin into the fabric. This will prevent the tip from poking you or your date.

Remove a wrist corsage from its container. Wrist corsages are easier to put on than pin-on ones. Slip the elastic strap, gently, onto your date's wrist with the flowers facing up. When your date's arms are at her side, you should see the flowers from the front.

Pull on the elastic strap or base of the corsage rather than the flowers.
Pull on the elastic strap or base of the corsage rather than the flowers. (Image: George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

Tips & Warnings

  • Storing the corsage in the fridge will keep the flowers looking their best.
  • Handle the corsage with care to prevent its delicate flowers from being damaged.


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