How to Slope a Concrete Floor

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Things You'll Need

  • Sand mix

  • Latex additive

  • Water

  • Trowel

  • 2-by-4 or other straightedge

Sloped concrete floors direct water away from houses or towards shower drains.

Whether you are pouring a concrete floor for your shower or for another area such as your garage, sloping a concrete floor directs water away from the higher areas of the floor. It is not a difficult project to complete, but does require a certain amount of precision and accuracy in order to obtain the best possible results. This is a project that can be completed in a few short steps that can be modified to fit the specific area you are working on.


Step 1

Mix sand mix with a latex additive according to the packaged instructions. Sand mix is simply a mixture of sand and concrete that is used over damaged concrete or as a bedding mix for brick, slate or flagstone. You can opt to use water in place of the latex additive; the latex additive allows the mixture to be tapered thinner when needed.

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Step 2

Measure the distance from the lowest point of the concrete floor to the perimeter and add 1/4-inch for every foot. If you want a steeper slope, take this into account and add more to each foot to achieve your goal. This is going to be the highest point of the floor when applying the mixture. Keep in mind that sand mix should only be applied in layers that range from 1/2 to 2 inches for optimal results.


Step 3

Apply the mix to the outside, or perimeter, of the floor and spread with a trowel. Use a straightedge, such as a two-by-four, to even out the mixture so that it slopes directly to the lowest point of the floor without high spots or dips. Allow the floor to set overnight before adding additional elements, such as tile or other types of flooring. If you are not applying additional elements onto the concrete floor, moist cure the floor over the course of seven days.


Step 4

Spray water onto the concrete floor so that the floor is continuously wet over the course of seven days. If possible, continue this each day for up to 14 days for maximum results. The purpose of water-curing the concrete is to prevent moisture from evaporating from the concrete mixture. It increases the strength and abrasion resistance and lessens the chance of scaling, dusting and cracking.


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