How to Use an All-Clad Stainless Steel Asparagus Pot

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Always use fresh asparagus when steaming.

Fresh asparagus in markets is one of the first signs of spring. At its freshest, asparagus needs little help to make it delicious. You can grill it, roast it or steam it. Sometimes, when you're steaming asparagus, it does not cook evenly because the stalks are larger and more firm then the tips. Using the All-Clad stainless steel asparagus pot allows for easy, even steaming.


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Step 1

Prepare your asparagus by peeling any thick stalks using a vegetable peeler. You can also just break them off. Pull out one stalk from your bunch, hold both ends and bend it until it breaks. Line up the broken stalk with the rest of the bunch and cut them to the same length.

Step 2

Put about an inch of water into your All-Clad asparagus pot and place it on a burner. Cover it with the lid and heat it until the water boils.


Step 3

Place your asparagus into the basket, put the basket into the asparagus pot and cover. The basket allows the asparagus to stand upright while steaming. Placing the thick stalks closer to the boiling water steams them faster than the thin tips.

Step 4

Allow your asparagus to steam to your desired doneness. Your cooking time will vary depending on the thickness and freshness of your asparagus, so check it every few minutes.

Step 5

Remove your asparagus to a platter and season with salt and pepper. You can also season with different oils or butter.


Asparagus is freshest in the spring, so stock up and freeze it. Take fresh asparagus and dunk it into boiling water for 1 minute, remove to a bowl of ice water for another minute. Dry and place into freezer-safe zip bags. Thaw asparagus and then steam.
Allow your pot to cool before placing it into the dishwasher.


Avoid using steel wool to remove stubborn stains, as it will scratch the pot. Instead, use a nylon-based scrubbing pad and a powder cleanser.