Instructions for Clorox Mops

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A Clorox Ready Mop provides effective cleaning with the convenience of a simply designed mop system. When you add a special cleaning pad to the bottom of the mop head, the mop is ready to clean a variety of hard floor surfaces. The special Clorox floor cleaner dispenses from the bottle, through the mop, spraying the floor as you use the mop to remove tough dirt and stains.


Step 1

Fit the three pieces of the mop together to assemble the mop. The two handle pieces fit together and then fit into the mop head.

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Step 2

Unscrew the outer cap of the floor cleaner bottle and fit the bottle upside down into the slot on the side of the mop handle designed to hold the bottle. Push the bottle into the slot until the foil seal ruptures.


Step 3

Place a cleaning pad onto the bottom of the mop head, attaching the pad by pushing it into the four points on the top of the mop head with your finger.

Step 4

Hold the mop handle with one hand and pull the trigger to spray the cleaner onto the floor where you wish to clean. Continue pulling the trigger to dispense the desired amount of cleaner.


Step 5

Push the mop head over the cleaner on the floor to clean the floor. Continue spraying and mopping until the floor is completely clean.

Step 6

Pull off the cleaning pad and discard it.

Step 7

Store the mop by hanging it on a hook through the hole in the handle.


The Clorox company recommends using the Ready Mop on laminate, sealed wood, linoleum, tile and vinyl flooring surfaces.


Consider testing the Clorox Floor Cleaner fluid on an inconspicuous area of the floor first to ensure color safety.



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