How to Build Your Own Pool Table Light Kit

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Build the perfect pool table light kit.

There are two main types of DIY pool table light kit ideas. The most common version is building and customizing the perfect pool table light kit for your business or home recreation room through a company that specializes in fabricating all the pieces and putting the final light kit together based on your specifications. The second, less common, plan is to actually build the light kit yourself from scratch, which is probably better left to those experienced with wood working and crafts.


Step 1

An example of a metal pool table light kit.

Determine if your pool table light kit will be made entirely of metal with hanging lights or if you want a wood frame with a glass or Plexiglas sign housing a light kit.

Step 2

Select the metal finish (black, silver, brass, brushed metal, aluminum, painted) and/or wood finish for the pool table light kit frame.


Step 3

This pool room is outfitted with three glass hanging shades, typically affixed to a metal bar.

Choose the right style shades for the metal pool table light kit. These shades typically come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes in either glass or metal or combinations. For the wood frame pool table light kit, choose the material for the sides and the advertisement or message -- like a business logo or your family's last name -- for the DIY pool table light kit.


Step 4

Light bulb style, shape, wattage and color can affect the overall look and feel of the pool room or pool hall.

Install the appropriate bulbs for your pool table light kit. The light kit will have a maximum recommended wattage for each bulb receptacle. You can choose the bulb shape (round or candle) as well as the lighting spectrum or type (full spectrum, white, yellow or other shades).


Create a paper or digital model of the pool table light kit before purchasing or building it. A paper model for pool tables can be found in the resources section.


Don't exceed the maximum wattage specifications for your pool table light kit because you don't want to damage the light kit, melt any parts or cause a fire.


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