Best Way to Dig a Hole for Tiki Torches

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Things You'll Need

  • PVC pipe

  • Utility knife or blade

  • Measuring tape

  • Small, hand-held shovel or post hole digger

  • Sand

  • Gravel

A tiki torch can give any environment a more festive look.

Tiki torches started to appear in the 1930s and 1940s after American soldiers returned home from overseas. Wanting something to remind them of their time on the islands, tiki touches became more and more common parts of home decor. Tiki torches give the most basic backyard a festive tropical look. Use them when you're hosting an outdoor party or just wish to create an island-themed outdoor space.


Step 1

Select an area in your yard that has a level surface of dirt and is out of the direct flow of traffic. Cut your PVC pipe to 12 inches using a utility knife. Measure the diameter of your PVC pipe. You want to dig a hole that is only 1 inch larger in diameter than the diameter of the pipe.

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Step 2

Push the tip of your shovel into the earth and dig up small, shovelfuls of earth. Take your time. Your goal is to dig a narrow hole, approximately 10 inches deep. If you rush, your hole is more likely to get wider and be a less stable place for your torch.


Step 3

Stick your PVC pipe into the hole and shovel in large amounts of sand, gravel and dirt. Pack the sand, gravel and dirt in so tightly that the torch can barely move in the hole when you try to jiggle it. Pour water over the sand, gravel and dirt. Tamp the soil again, add more fill, and tamp down again.


Step 4

Slide your tiki torch into the PVC pipe. Test the stability of the PVC pipe and torch together in the hole by jiggling it slightly. The pipe and torch should barely move.


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