How to Convert 220V to 110V Lighting

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Things You'll Need

  • 220-volt to 110-volt power converter

  • Adapter plug for the country with 110-volt electricity

Around the world, electricity operates at different voltages. Therefore, electronic apparatuses such as lighting equipment may require a converter to function properly in other countries. If you have a light such as a lamp that operates at 220 volts, you can determine if the light will require a power converter or an adapter to function in a country with 110-volt electricity.


Step 1

Determine if the 220-volt lighting equipment you want to use in a country with 110-volt electricity requires a converter. Look for a sticker on the power cord. Alternatively, voltage information is sometimes printed directly on the device's plug. If the label lists a range of voltage that includes 110 volts, you do not need a power converter. For example, a label may indicate "220V - 110V." This means the device can function with any electricity voltage from 220 volts to 110 volts.


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Step 2

Attach the device's plug to the power converter. If your device is not rated for 110-volt electricity, push the end of the device's plug into an available electrical outlet on the power converter.

Step 3

Determine the type of adapter plug used in the country with 110-volt electricity. You can use an online resource such as to determine the type of adapter used in a particular country.


Step 4

Plug the power converter into the appropriate adapter plug for the country you want to use the lighting equipment in.

Step 5

Plug the adapter plug into an electrical outlet in the country where you want to use the lighting equipment.

Step 6

Move the power converter switch to the "On" position to begin using the lighting equipment.


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