How to Make Your Own Inflatable Bounce House

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Things You'll Need

  • Oxford woven cloth or PVC tarpaulin material

  • High-powered air blower

  • Sewing equipment and supplies

  • Design software (optional)

Inflatable bounce houses are emerging as a safer alternative to trampolines. They rely on a continuous air supply being pumped into them, inflating a soft material. This allows for extra high jumps and soft landings. The houses are often enclosed for extra safety. Some houses can be combined with inflatable pools for an added element of fun. Although usually people rent or purchase inflatable bounce houses, you can make one at home.


Step 1

Select which type of material to use. Oxford woven cloth is less expensive, although it is also less durable. High-grade Oxford cloth is likely to withstand the rigors of home use. PVC tarpaulin material is more expensive, but more durable. It may be unnecessary unless used in a commercial setting.


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Step 2

Design the inflatable bounce house. Many different features can be incorporated, including pools, ladders, stairs and bouncy trees. Consider size and usage limitations. Be sure not to create a design that will be too difficult and time-consuming to create. Make room in the plan for the connection of the air blower. Also give strong consideration to safety.


Step 3

Select an air blower or blowers appropriate to your design. Consider size, duration of use, material choice and related factors.

Step 4

Cut the material according to your design requirements. Allow for extra material in case of any mistakes.


Step 5

Sew the material according to your design. Use sewing materials and methods dictated by your choice of fabric. Follow manufacturers' recommendations if available. Be sure that the house is sewn well. If not, the house may not work or there may be resulting injuries upon failure.

Step 6

Connect the air blower to the inflatable bounce house. Connect the air blower to a power supply.


Always consider safety first when planning. Avoid anything too high or too deep.


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