How to Replace a Broan 655

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Things You'll Need

  • Adjustable pliers

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver

Broan manufactures bathroom light and fan kits to exhaust heat and fumes from the bathroom. The fan and light kit model #655 installs in a bathroom ceiling to remove heat and steam from your shower and blow it outdoors. Steam from a shower or tub over time can moisten wallpaper and wallboard to deactivate the glue. The problem can cause edges of the wall covering to release or sag on the wall. Replacement of a bathroom fan and light is necessary when the fan motor seizes and will no longer operate.


Step 1

Turn the circuit breaker off to the bathroom.

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Step 2

Press inward on one side of the light lens underneath the fan and remove the lens panel. Remove the acorn nut in the grille reflector assembly with a pair of adjustable pliers.

Step 3

Unplug the white and black wires from the fan and light assembly. Remove nails in the mounting bracket by using the claw end of a hammer to pry them out. Pull the fan straight down out of the ceiling.

Step 4

Unplug the black fan wire on the new fan and light. Insert a screwdriver into the mounting screws. Turn them counterclockwise to detach the fan assembly from the housing.


Step 5

Insert a screwdriver blade into the metal knockout and bend it down to create a hole for the black and white wires.

Step 6

Place the mounting bracket on the ceiling. Pound each of the four nails in the corner holes.


Step 7

Align the tabs in the damper connector with the slots in the housing. Snap the connector onto the housing.

Step 8

Place the fan into the assembly. Insert the fan mounting screw and tighten it clockwise with a screwdriver.


Step 9

Plug the black and white wires into the black and white slots on the light and fan assembly.

Step 10

Attach the grille reflector to the grille opening with a nut. Tighten the nut with a pair of pliers. Place a light bulb in the socket and tighten it clockwise.


Step 11

Hook the light lens tab into the notch in the grill assembly. Press the additional tab inward and snap the lens into place.

Step 12

Turn on the circuit breaker to the bathroom.


Do not place a fan switch on a wall near the tub or shower. When you are in the shower and turn on an electrical switch, it will cause a shock hazard.


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