How to Install a Grundtal Light in an Ikea Cabinet

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Ikea sells furniture and home accessories in its stores around the globe. Ikea sells its furniture in knocked-down form, and the purchaser must assemble it. This enables the company to sell its items at lower cost and enables the customer to haul the items home in their own car. Ikea also sells lighting and accessories, such as the Grundtal light fixture. The Grundtal light mounts unobtrusively on Ikea curio cabinets and is perfect for illuminating your items for display.


Step 1

Move the cabinet away from the wall so you have easy access to the back side. Remove items from the cabinet to make moving the cabinet less difficult, if desired.

Step 2

Hold the flat plastic light cord receptacle to the back side of the cabinet approximately midway between the top and bottom of the cabinet. Drive in the retaining screws for the receptacle with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Position the Grundtal light mounting plate to the desired place on top of the cabinet. Secure the plate to the cabinet with the screws provided and drive them in with a Phillips screwdriver.


Step 4

Secure the Grundtal light fixture to the mounting plate with the nuts and bolts included and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5

Remove the protective cover from one of the four ports on the receptacle installed earlier. Plug the cord from the Grundtal light fixture into the port until it snaps into place.

Step 6

Install up to three additional Grundtal light fixtures in the same fashion. Plug the power cord from the receptacle into a wall outlet. Push the cabinet back against the wall. Position the foot control switch on the power cord in a convenient location where no one can trip over it.


The light cord receptacle has its own power cord and foot switch. You can connect each Grundtal light fixture -- up to four -- to the receptacle and turned on at the same time with the foot switch. You can use the Grundtal fixture as a stand-alone without the receptacle by plugging its cord into the power cord extension (included) until it snaps into place, then plug the power cord into the wall.