How to Set Up a Wii Bowling Tournament

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"Wii Sports," which is included with Nintendo's Wii system, is a game that features several sports. You can try your hand at sports like tennis, baseball, or boxing. The bowling game in "Wii Sports" has quickly become a fan favorite and an engaging and interesting party centerpiece. If you want to turn your next party into a Wii bowling tournament, it should be relatively simple.


Step 1

Decorate your house with a Wii bowling theme. You can print out Mii nametags for your guests and serve bowling alley-themed food like hotdogs and beer.

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Step 2

Design a tournament bracket. This is critical in keeping track of the Wii bowling tournament progress. Use a large poster board to draw a tournament bracket, and then randomly assign pairs for the first set of matches.


Step 3

Eliminate each person who loses a bowling match and move the winners on to the next part of the bracket.

Step 4

Hold a championship round in which the final two contestants compete for a small door prize or bragging rights. Once the tournament has ended, allow people to play "Wii Sports" casually if you want the party to keep going.


Always wear the safety strap on the Wii remote when playing “Wii Sports.” This simple step will save your television from accidental destruction.

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