How to Operate Click-Clack Couches

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Click-clack furniture operates much like a folding lounge chair.
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A click-clack couch transforms into a variety of shapes and positions, depending on the model -- some fold out into a bed and chaise or offer an adjustable back position, for instance. Operating this type of couch is much like sitting down in a folding lounge chair, during which you listen for clicks to indicate the position you choose is locked into place.


From Couch to Bed

To convert the couch to a bed or flat position, push the back of the couch, folding it down toward the seat area as far as it goes. This releases the locking mechanism that holds the back upright, much like on a folding outdoor lounge chair. If the couch back is up against a wall, slide the couch forward so it has room to unfold. Check the back-side of the sofa near the top for legs; unfold them so they lock in place, perpendicular to the couch back. Lift the couch back, continuing past upright position until the back is horizontal and even with the seat and the legs are firmly planted on the floor. Enlist a friend's help if the couch back seems too heavy to handle on your own.


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From Bed to Couch

Examine the bed to determine which part is the couch seat and which is the couch back -- the seat portion has four legs, while the back portion has two. Lift the couch back until it reaches the desired position. Lift slightly until you hear a click, indicating the back is locked in place. Sit down to ensure the back is in the desired position; if not, lift it more until it is. If the back is too vertical for your liking, fold the couch back down toward the seat; then unfold it bed-style again before lifting it back to the desired angle.


From Couch to Chaise

Some click-clack couches also convert into chaise lounges, using a side of the couch as the backrest for the chaise. Fold the couch out into a bed position first; otherwise, it cannot be lifted into chaise position. Lift one side of the bed -- the side may vary by brand or model -- to convert it into a chaise backrest. Continue lifting until the chaise backrest is at the desired height, and it clicks into place. Test it by pressing down on it to ensure it is locked before resting upon it.


Back to Bed or Couch

Convert the chaise back into a bed or couch position by pushing the chaise back toward the chaise seat as far as it comfortably goes to release the locking mechanisms. Gently guide the back downward again until it is horizontal. To convert it to couch position, lift the couch back area back up to the desired angle until it locks in place.


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