Instructions for Oiling a Grandfather Clock

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Oil may help grandfather clock gears move faster.

Grandfather clocks are a handsome compliment to home decor. Though the clocks look nice even when non-functional, a working clock mechanism is impressive and increases the value of the clock. To keep the clock in working condition, Bill's Clockworks recommends winding the clock every week and taking it to a professional for periodic 3-year inspections and cleanings. If your clock runs slowly or stops in between inspections, you can use a little oil to lubricate the internal gears.


Step 1

Stop the clock.

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Step 2

Open the back of the clock to expose the gears inside.

Step 3

Inspect the gears to make sure they are clean and dust-free. If the gears are dirty, consider taking the clock for a professional dismantling and cleaning, since adding oil will wear out the mechanism.


Step 4

Spray a small amount of oil on the gears' pivot points to lubricate them. Allow the oil to sit for a few minutes.

Step 5

Set the clock to the correct time, wind the clock and start it up again.

Step 6

Close the back of the clock.



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