How Do I Unlock the Pedal on a John Deere 250 Skid Loader?

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John Deere skid steers aren't just for moving pallets. You can buy attachments to turn them into snowplows or earthmovers. Though the John Deere 250 has been replaced in 2011 by more advanced models, it's still capable of efficiently moving heavy loads. If your boom or bucket pedal is locked on your 250, keeping you from operating the lift mechanism correctly, it won't be that way for long unless something is wrong with your hydraulic system.


Step 1

Sit in the driver's seat and buckle the seat belt. The emergency brake won't disengage until you do.

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Step 2

Power on your 250 by turning the key in the ignition.

Step 3

Push the rocker switch for your emergency brake to the down, or unlocked, position. Make sure your transmission is engaged by pushing forward on the left and right-hand levers simultaneously to make the left and right wheels turn.


Step 4

Move to level ground, turning left or right by alternating forward positions with the left or right levers. Pull both levers back to their middle positions to stop.

Step 5

Disengage the boom lock, the probable reason your pedals may be locked. While seated in the driver's seat, turn to the right and locate the boom lock on the panel just to the left of the seat back. Pull toward the seat to disengage the boom lock.


Step 6

Depress the left boom pedal rearward to raise the boom skyward, forward to lower it to the ground. Depress the right bucket pedal forward to lower the angle of the bucket, rearward to raise the angle. If either pedal still isn't working, continue to Step 7.

Step 7

Look in front of the right-hand lever for a small lever that controls an auxiliary hydraulics lockout that was installed on some of these models. If no lever is present, call a service technician; if the lever is present, slide the lever forward until it rests in the top slot, which should unlock your pedals.


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