How to Clean a Gas Filter on a Gas Leaf Blower

Gas leaf blowers are helpful in the fall for gathering and removing large amounts of leaves and other debris from your yard or any other area. Since the gas leaf blower is used seasonally, however, it's important to make sure the maintenance for the machine is taken care of before using it. For example, the gas filter helps to filter the gasoline used in the leaf blower and it must be cleaned in order for your machine to run properly.

It's important to change the filter in your gas-powered leaf blower.

Step 1

Turn the choke knob on the back of your gas leaf blower so that it turns half way, and then release the screws from the filter cover located on the side of the leaf blower.

Step 2

Use a rag to wipe off any loose dirt that appears around the filter. Pull the filter unit, and then remove the pre-filter from the unit.

Step 3

Wash the pre-filter in warm soapy water and then place the filter on a paper towel. Allow for at least one hour for the pre-filter to dry.

Step 4

Remove and replace the felt filter element if it is dirty with a new felt element, which you can purchase at your local home and garden store.

Step 5

Slide the pre-filter of the new element on the filter unit and then place back onto the machine. Place the filter cover back on and then tighten the screws.