How to Make a Vaporizer from a Water Bottle

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bottle, empty

  • 100-watt lightbulb

  • Serrated saw blade

  • Duct tape

  • Lighter

An empty plastic water bottle is one of the main components of a homemade vaporizer.

An empty plastic water bottle can be used to make a homemade vaporizer. Since you heat the vaporizer with a flame, you will also need a glass piece, such as a lightbulb, to attach to the water bottle and complete the creation of the vaporizer. Vaporizers can be used to help release healing herbs or tobacco. Once vapors from the added substances are released, they are then inhaled by the person using the vaporizer.


Step 1

Remove the cap from an empty plastic water bottle. The bottle should can be 12 to 20 ounces, depending on how big you want the vaporizer to be. Saw off the bottom of the water bottle, which will be the end of the water bottle opposite the end with the removed cap. The sawed-off bottom of the bottle is where the vapors from the vaporizer will be inhaled.

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Step 2

Use a serrated saw blade to carefully cut off the base of a lightbulb where the glass meets the metal. Cut the glass slowly, rotating the bulb as you gradually cut through. To prevent the bulb from breaking, do not press the bulb too firmly onto a surface or squeeze it too tightly when cutting. Remove everything from inside the lightbulb so that you are left with the glass piece.


Step 3

Connect the top of the water bottle to the opening in the lightbulb. If the water bottle opening is smaller than the bulb opening, place the water bottle inside of the bulb. Do the opposite if the lightbulb opening is smaller than the water bottle opening. Secure the connection by wrapping several layers of duct tape around the area where the pieces connect.


Step 4

Add your herbal substance to the opening in the bottom of the water bottle so that it falls through the bottle and comes to rest in the bulb. Place a flame to the outside of the bulb with a lighter to create vapor. Inhale the vapor from the bottom of the open-ended water bottle.


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