How to Replace a John Deere Tractor Fan Belt

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket set

  • Replacement belt

The fan belt on your John Deere tractor is part of a pulley-driven system that helps to keep your engine motor from overheating. The belt drapes around two pulleys. Extreme weather conditions, especially dry heat, along with dirt and sticks thrown up by the tractor can cause wear and tear on your belts. You should visually inspect your belt at least quarterly or more often if you use your tractor on a daily basis. A worn, cracked or dry belt should be replaced.

Step 1

Place your John Deere in park and make sure the emergency stopper is engaged.

Step 2

Lift the engine cover and remove the spark plug wire.

Step 3

Loosen the bolt fastening the fan belt tensioner using your socket set. Slide the fan belt tensioner forward and allow the belt to go slack.

Step 4

Remove the belt once you have enough play between the pulleys. Place the new belt on and slide the belt tensioner backwards so that the new belt is completely taut. Tighten the belt tensioner bolt with your socket set.

Step 5

Replace the spark plug wire and close the engine cover.