How to Polish With a Kirby Vacuum

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Things You'll Need

  • Kirby wax roller applicator handle

  • Kirby floor wax

  • Kirby floor buffer/polisher brush

  • Kirby floor buffer/polisher nozzle

Kirby has been in business for over 90 years and offers a variety of vacuum cleaners and attachments, allowing Kirby machines to take the place of several different machines. Your Kirby vacuum can convert to become a shampoo system, an upholstery cleaner, carpet fluffer, floor sander, power scouring brush, a massage unit and a floor buffer/polisher. The floor buffer/polisher is designed for use on hardwood, vinyl, cork, marble and linoleum floors. Only use your Kirby vacuum with approved Kirby accessories and Kirby products so you do not void your warranty.


Step 1

Press the spring-loaded pin on the lower half of the Kirby wax roller applicator handle. Push the top half of the handle over the lower half until the spring-loaded pin pops into the hole on the top half of the handle.

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Step 2

Slide the wax roller onto the roller handle. The spring clip on the handle secures the wax roller. Do not remove the plastic bag from the roller until you slide the roller onto the handle.

Step 3

Apply a thin coat of Kirby wax over your floor. Do not worry about coating the entire floor with wax. The Kirby vacuum floor buffer/polisher spreads the wax evenly over the floor.

Step 4

Slip the bag back over the wax roller and pull it from the roller handle. Take the roller handle apart by depressing the spring-loaded pin and pulling the handle apart.


Step 5

Slip the Kirby vacuum belt over the buffer/polisher brush. Move the belt to the center of the brush. Push the brush into the Kirby floor buffer/polisher nozzle.

Step 6

Turn the handle on the belt-lifter at the front of the Kirby floor buffer/polisher nozzle to the left until the red arrow on the belt-lifter lines up with the red arrow on the nozzle. The belt-lifter hooks the belt and stretches it.


Step 7

Place the floor buffer/polisher nozzle onto the attaching bar at the front of the Kirby vacuum motor. Slip the nozzle over the motor shaft and hold the nozzle firmly against the motor. Turn the accessory lock above the nozzle to the right, locking the buffer/polisher nozzle to the Kirby vacuum motor.


Step 8

Turn the belt-lifter handle to the right until the two green arrows line up. This action releases the belt onto the motor shaft that drives the Kirby buffer/polisher brush.

Step 9

Place the Kirby vacuum in neutral by pressing the "N" lever down on the back of the Kirby vacuum motor. Raise the floor buffer/polisher nozzle to the highest position by pressing the bottom lever on the toe-touch control pedal located at the left front wheel.


Step 10

Turn the Kirby vacuum cleaner on by pressing the on/off button at the back of the motor

Step 11

Lower the buffer/polisher nozzle, one notch at a time, until the buffer/polisher brush touches the floor by pressing the upper toe-touch control pedal. Pull the Kirby buffer/polisher over your floor using slow, even strokes to spread the floor polish. Allow the floor polish to drive for five minutes and pull the buffer/polisher over it once again for a high-gloss shine.


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