Homemade Foam Insulation

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Things You'll Need

  • Dry cardboard scraps

  • Farm-style hammermill (grinder)

  • 4 gallon multipurpose glue

  • Bucket

Old cardboard is used to make homemade insulation.

Three feet of insulation can cost about $12 at the hardware store, but several pounds of homemade insulation can be made using scrap dry cardboard and a grinder. Generally, homeowners insulate their homes with foam to help reduce heating costs. Homemade cardboard insulation accomplishes the same goal as foam insulation for a fraction of the cost. The ground fluffy cellulose from the cardboard is glued onto the walls or on open wood boards in the attic.


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Step 1

Add dry scraps of cardboard into farm-style hammermill.

Step 2

Turn machine on and wait for fluffy, cellulose to come out. Collect this in a bucket.

Step 3

Mix the ground cardboard with multipurpose glue and apply immediately on the walls or wood boards.

Step 4

Dry for 36 hours.


Make sure the cardboard scraps are dry because wet cardboard does not grind well. Scraps of newspaper can also be used an an alternative.


Work in a well-ventilated area and wear proper eye and glove protection.