How to Remove Ceramic Tile from a Brick Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • Firm putty knife

  • Eye protection

  • Heat gun

  • Cement grout remover

  • Toothbrush

  • Carpet brush

  • Drill

  • Masonry bit

Use patience when removing ceramic tiles to avoid damaging the tiles or the bricks behind them.

Removing ceramic tiles from a brick surface can be a long process, requiring patience and plenty of time. This process is even longer if you are trying to preserve the ceramic tiles when removing them, but remember that it is inevitable that a few will break. Wear eye protection for the duration of this project, as grout, pieces of tile and other debris may come at your face and eyes.


Step 1

Remove grout from between the tiles with the head of a flat head screwdriver. This is especially important at the beginning of the project, as once a few tiles have been removed, grout removal won't be much of an issue.

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Step 2

Heat the area you are about to work on with a heat gun at its high setting for a few minutes. Use caution when operating the heat gun, as temperatures will typically be between 700 and 1,000 degrees. Reheat further areas as necessary.


Step 3

Insert the flat head screwdriver in the space where the grout was and pry out a tile. Repeat this process until you have an area clear for a putty knife can fit into.

Step 4

Gently scrape off the adhesive from the bricks with a putty knife, taking care not to damage the bricks.


Step 5

Apply cement grout remover to the remaining adhesive on the bricks. Once the grout remover has been applied, use a carpet brush to remove the excess adhesive and clean the bricks. Use a toothbrush for areas that the carpet brush can't get to.


Check for any tiles that are already loose and can be pried off by hand. If there is such a tile, it can make all of your work easier; once a single tile has been removed, it can be much easier to remove surrounding tiles.

If you are not concerned about breaking the tiles, using a drill with a masonry drill bit to put a hole in the center of your tiles can make it much easier to separate them from the bricks, but be sure that you don’t drill too deeply and damage the bricks.



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