How to Grow Mulberry Trees in Canada

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The white mulberry tree is highly prevalent in Canada.

Mulberry trees come in a number of varieties, the most popular being the white, black, and red mulberry trees. The red mulberry trees, however, are currently at risk of endangerment in Canada, only being found in southern Ontario. This makes growing a mulberry tree in Canada an important part of maintaining it's visibility and continued growth in the area. Mulberries are hardy, easy-to-care-for trees that will produce mulberries every year in late summer.


Step 1

Choose where you want to plant your mulberry sapling. Make sure this location has well-fertilized, healthy soil, and that the area receives an average of seven hours of full sunlight during the day.

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Step 2

Dig a hole to plant the sapling. Consider the size of the root ball--dig the hole that is the same depth of the root ball, but twice as wide.

Step 3

Place the mulberry tree sapling into the hole, and fill the sides with soil until it is settled properly into the hole.

Step 4

Water with approximately 5 gallons of water to help the soil settle around the sapling's root ball, and to help eliminate any air pockets in the surrounding soil.


Step 5

Maintain the mulberry tree. Water once a week, if there has been no rainfall. Approximately 5 gallons per watering will suffice until winter, where you will want to ensure it only has about 5 gallons of water every two weeks.


Make sure to plant your mulberry tree away from driveways and sidewalks, as they can be quite messy as they mature. They drop the berries naturally, and also birds and other animals will be feeding from the tree as well, so determine a location with this in mind.

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