How to Cover a Concrete Walkway

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Things You'll Need

  • Stones

  • Stiff brush

  • Sand

  • Concrete mix

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Trowel

  • Plastic spacers

  • Water level

  • 2 rags

Concrete is a strong surface for a rustic slate walkway.

A concrete walkway provides a functional surface for a yard, but if it's cracked, damaged or clashes with the aesthetic of a landscape, you may want to cover it. A concrete walkway provides a strong foundation if you want to lay a stone or paver walkway over the concrete. Laying stones over a concrete surface raises the level of your walkway. Consider building up the sides with mulch or a border of colorful, low-growing flowers.


Step 1

Choose stones that are 1/2- to 1-inch thick to avoid raising the level of the sidewalk too high. Cobblestones, pavers, tiles and flagstones are a few examples of hard-scaping materials you can use to cover a concrete sidewalk. The concrete surface will provide substantial support for the thinner stone walkway.


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Step 2

Brush dirt and debris from the concrete surface using a stiff brush and pull any weeds or encroaching grass growing through cracks in the concrete.

Step 3

Mix a batch of sand mortar in a wheelbarrow using 4 parts sand, 1 part concrete and enough water to make a stiff mixture. If the mortar looks too runny, add more sand until the consistency is firm enough to hold the shape of a small ball.


Step 4

Spread a 1-inch layer of sand mortar, using a trowel, over a 2-to-3-square-foot surface in a corner of the walkway.

Step 5

Place stones into the sand mortar according to your chosen design. Press each stone so that half its thickness is submerged. Use plastic spacers to ensure consistent spacing between each stone. Place a water level over the surface to make sure the stones are even. Add mortar as necessary to adjust the level of stones. Wipe off any excess mortar from the stone with a moist, clean rag and remove any mortar that squeezes through the stones with an end of the trowel. Wait at least 36 hours for the stones to set in the sand mortar.


Step 6

Make grout by mixing 1 part fine sand, 1 part cement and enough water to make the mixture stiff. Use the trowel to fill in the joints between each stone on all sides. Remove excess grout with a moist rag and the edge of the trowel to prevent stains.

Step 7

Sprinkle water on the stone surface twice a day for one week and avoid walking on the stones during this time. The water will enhance the look and durability of the grout.


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