How to Cook Vegetables in a Silicone Steamer

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Things You'll Need

  • Large pot

  • Silicone steamer

  • Water

  • Vegetables

Steaming is an easy way to cook vegetables.

Steaming is one of the healthiest cooking methods for vegetables as it allows them to retain vitamins that may otherwise be lost with baking, boiling or sauteing. Specialty cookware is available for steaming vegetables, but they can be expensive and not practical for everybody. Silicone steamers can be used to transform any standard pot into a steaming vessel. The steamers tend to be inexpensive, light weight and resistant to stains.


Step 1

Place the silicone steamer inside a large pot. Some steamers have legs that hold the steamer bowl above the water level while others have hooks that drape over the edges of the pot.

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Step 2

Pour water in the pot so the water level is at least 3 inches below the bottom of the steamer bowl.

Step 3

Place the vegetables in the steamer and put a lid on the pot. Put it on the stove at high heat.

Step 4

Steam the vegetables until they're tender, anywhere from two to 40 minutes, depending on the vegetable. See the recommended steaming times in the Resources link of this article.


Check the water level of the pot regularly. There must always be at least 1 or 2 inches of water in the pot. Add water to the pot during the steaming process if necessary.


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