How to Use Dominoes As a Party Theme

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Things You'll Need

  • Black marker

  • White construction paper

  • Envelopes

  • Stamps

  • Black tablecloths

  • White tablecloths

  • Black and white dishware

  • White flowers

  • Black flowers

  • Black and white candles

  • Prize

Presidents, prisoners, homemakers and kings, including King Tut have enjoyed the game of dominoes. The oldest domino set was discovered in the tomb of ancient Egypt's king Tutankhamen, and the game likely originated in 12th century China. Stacking one domino behind the other, and then nudging the first to topple the rest is is a pastime for some, a serious endeavor for others. Yio Lang of China made into Guinness World Records after he single-handedly set up 321,200 dominoes, and then on New Year's Eve 2011 sent them toppling. The domino-themed party is a stylish version of a game night party. The domino's black-and-white theme is elegant with sharp contrast. The definitive domino design suggest a dressy, modern art feeling.


Step 1

Draw black domino dots on white rectangular pieces of cardboard paper with a marker. Fold the paper in half to create domino invitations. Write the address, time, date and theme of the party inside the invitations. Or photograph a set of dominoes on a black tablecloth and add a classy touch such as a white rose. Have your digital shot printed on photo cards, and write the invitation with recipients address on the back as you would on a photo holiday card.

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Step 2

Ask your guests to dress in dominoes-themed clothing. Suggest black-and-white attire and anything with spots. Encourage themed accessories like black-and-white hats and spotted scarves and socks.


Step 3

Serve food that reflects the domino theme. The ingredients of many dishes can be arranged in the shape and style of domino pieces. Pepperoni pizza, black and white cookies, char-grilled white fish, white rice, black beans, white bean soup with kale, homemade french fries cut into rectangles and a domino-decorated cake all carry out the theme.


Step 4

Serve beverages that have either dark and light contrast or make use of spots on solid. Red and white wine, punch with fresh circular fruits added, black and white Russians, espresso martinis and hot cocoa with marshmallows all hint at the theme.


Step 5

Decorate your venue with alternating black or white tablecloths with opposite-colored plates, napkins, cups and silverware. Place dark- and light-colored flowers like white roses, peonies and tulips next to dark-colored flowers like black irises, black beauty hollyhocks and "Queen of the Night" tulips. Black and white candles create an elegant, romantic atmosphere.


Step 6

Set up a domino tournament. Split your guests into several small teams and have them play until one team is left. Award the winning team a prize.


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