How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Cub Cadet LT1042

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Replace your drive belt to keep your lawn maintained.

The Cub Cadet LT 1042 is a lawn tractor that allows users to cut their grass and keep their lawns maintained. No matter how much care you take with your LT 1042, you will eventually have to replace the drive belt. Common wear and tear will set in after use and the blade will not be able to spin without this belt. Replacing this belt is not very hard. You don't have to be a Cub Cadet tech to do this. You can do it yourself.


Step 1

Park the LT 1042 on a level surface and turn the mower off. Push down your parking brake and then take the ignition key out of the tractor.

Step 2

Grab the attachment clutch lever on the right side of the tractor's steering wheel. Press the top button on the lever to release it. Pull on the clutch lever until the mowing deck is released.

Step 3

Lift the mowing deck to gain access to the underside of the tractor. Pull the old belt off the engine pulley. Remove the retainer clip holding the pulley bolt and the clutch springs in place with your fingers. This is in the middle of the mowing deck.


Step 4

Pull the belt collar off the tractor's housing and then remove the housing bracket. Pull the old belt off the idler pulley. Remove the belt from the clutch idler pulley. These are both next to the engine pulley.

Step 5

Place the new belt along the clutch idler pulley's threads. Turn the blade about a half-turn to get the belt in place. Loop the new belt around the idler pulley and then around the engine pulley.

Step 6

Replace the deck housing and then the retainer springs. Pull on the attachment clutch and press the button to release the clutch. Pull the lever toward your body to set the deck level.