How to Sand a Concrete Porch

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Things You'll Need

  • Dropcloths

  • Push broom

  • Coarse, metal mesh diamond disc

  • Orbital floor grinder/sander machine

  • Shop vacuum

  • 300-grit diamond disc

  • 800-grit diamond disc

  • Power washer

  • Penetrating concrete sealer

  • Long-handled paint roller

Sand and smooth the surface of a concrete porch with a floor grinder.

Concrete porches offer homeowners a durable foundation for outdoor relaxing and entertaining. Sanding repairs surface stains from spills, tiny hairline cracks or concrete porch surfaces with bumps and imperfections because of a sloppy installation. Sanding the concrete porch will restore the surface and remove imperfections that leave the porch with an undesirable appearance and texture.


Step 1

Remove all items from the concrete porch. Cover nearby plants and flowers with dropcloths to protect them from an excessive amount of concrete dust.

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Step 2

Sweep the concrete porch to remove dirt, small particulates and dust, using a push broom.


Step 3

Attach a coarse, metal mesh diamond disc to the orbital floor grinder/sander machine. Turn the machine on and pass the orbital over the concrete porch, using side-to-side motions. Continue to pass the orbital over the porch concrete to remove all bumps, hairline cracks, imperfections and to smooth the surface of the concrete to your liking.


Step 4

Vacuum the concrete dust created by the orbital machine with a shop vacuum.

Step 5

Turn the orbital machine off and replace the first diamond disc with a finer, 300-grit polishing disc. Turn the orbital machine back on and smooth the surface. Use the 300-grit diamond disc to remove any leftover surface stains and/or bumps and imperfections.


Step 6

Vacuum the concrete dust with the shop vacuum.

Step 7

Replace the 300-grit diamond disc with an even finer 800-grit disc. Sand the concrete porch with the diamond disc until the surface of the concrete porch is smooth and free from imperfections, bumps and surface stains.


Step 8

Vacuum the concrete dust with the shop vacuum.

Step 9

Rinse the concrete porch, using a power washer to remove all concrete dust. Allow the concrete to dry overnight, up to 48 hours for colder areas.


Step 10

Roll an even coating of penetrating concrete sealer onto the surface of the dried porch, using a long-handled paint roller. Use long, even strokes when rolling the sealer onto the concrete for a consistent finish. Allow the sealer coating to dry according to the timeline on the label.

Step 11

Apply a second coat of penetrating sealer to the concrete porch after the first coat has thoroughly dried. Allow the second coat of sealer to dry before moving anything back onto the concrete porch.


Use a 1,500-grit or higher diamond disc to achieve a concrete surface with a glossy sheen.

The grit of the diamond discs used on the floor grinder will vary according to manufacturers.

Always read the included instruction manuals before beginning this project.

Wear long-sleeves, long pants, clear safety goggles and a face respirator.



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