Hangers to Hang Fabric From Suspended Ceiling

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Things You'll Need

  • Lightweight fabric

  • Suspended-ceiling hooks

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine (optional)

  • Clip-style drapery rings

Sheer fabric hangs beautifully from a suspended ceiling.

A suspended ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, can effectively hide pipes, ductwork or an unattractive ceiling above it. It is essentially a metal grid that supports lightweight tiles. Hanging a curtain or a fabric room divider -- as part of wedding decor, for example -- from a suspended ceiling isn't difficult. Just remember to use lightweight fabric and hangers designed for suspended ceilings.


Step 1

Select the fabric you wish to hang. For best results, choose a lightweight fabric to avoid bending or breaking the metal grid that holds the ceiling tiles.

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Step 2

Install suspended-ceiling hooks along the part of the grid where you want to hang the fabric, approximately 12 inches apart. These hooks are available at office- and plant-supply merchandisers, hardware stores and art-supply retailers. The hook hangs downward from a clip. Some clips simply slide onto the strip of the metal grid; others swivel closed around it, and some are opened with a squeeze mechanism like that of a clothespin. When released, the spring in this mechanism closes the clip around the metal strip.


Step 3

Cut the fabric into panels of the appropriate length. If you intend to hem the top and bottom of each panel, cut the fabric 2 inches longer than the finished length you need. The extra inches allow you to create a 1-inch hem at each end. Although hemming is optional, it will create a more finished and professional effect.


Step 4

Clip drapery rings every 12 inches along the top of each fabric panel to match the spacing of the hooks on the ceiling.

Step 5

Place the drapery rings onto the ceiling hooks to finish the project.


The placement of the drapery rings determines the look of the fabric. Instead of placing them every 12 inches, placing them 18 inches along the top of the panel creates a fuller look, and the panels will billow slightly as they hang. If you opt for a fuller look, you will need more panels of fabric to hang from the ceiling. The total width of the panels should be at least 1 1/2 times that of the linear feet along the ceiling. For example, if the ceiling grid strip you're hanging fabric from measures 5 feet long, the width of fabric panels must measure at least 7 1/2 feet.


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