How to Add Stain to a Glazing Compound

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Things You'll Need

  • Container

  • Gel stain

  • Putty knife

Glazing compound is used to seal windows and gaps in wood trim. It is generally white. The white color stands in stark contrast to the surrounding areas once the compound is applied; consequently, it needs to be painted or stained in order for it to blend it. However, sometimes it is difficult to paint or stain the compound without getting the paint or stain on unwanted areas. An alternative solution is to color or tint the glazing compound with stain prior to applying it to the surfaces.


Step 1

Select a gel stain that matches the color of the wood trim gel stains available at woodworking stores or paint stores. Another product to consider is a woodworking colorant called "Tints All".

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Step 2

Open the glazing compound container. Place a third of the glazing compound into a second clean container.


Step 3

Add a small amount of gel stain or Tints All to the glazing compound. Color the glazing compound in incremental steps. You can always add more stain to make the color darker. Stir the stain and glazing compound with a putty knife until the stain and glazing compound are completely blended.



Step 4

Apply the glazing compound to the surfaces as usual. The typical procedure is to scoop a bit of compound and knead it in your hands. Place the compound on the edge of your glazing tool or putty knife and place it on the surface.

Step 5

Place a lid over the remaining glazing compound to keep it moist.


It may take a few attempts to find the right color combination. Pay attention to the amount of stain you add to produce the right color match.



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