How to Make a Homemade Felt Christmas Stocking

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Making a Christmas stocking doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. This stocking is made from a felted thrift store sweater, scraps of felt, and a handful of mini pompoms. Plus, using a template makes the design so simple you can finish the project in one afternoon.

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Cut Out the Stocking Front and Back

Cut out a stocking shape from a felted wool sweater or purchased wool felt. (See link below for a tutorial on felting a wool sweater.) If you're using a felted sweater, place the stocking piece on the back of the sweater, right sides together, and cut a second piece. If you're using wool felt, cut both pieces at the same time.

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Assemble the Dog

Trace the face, forehead, muzzle, ears, nose, mouth, tongue and main body onto freezer paper. Iron the template pieces onto felt, using this image as a guide for color placement. Put glue stick on the back of the pieces and assemble the dog. Blanket stitch the edges of the features, if desired. Use a water-soluble marker to make stitching lines for design details.

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Glue Dog to Stocking Front

Put glue stick on the back of the assembled dog and position it on the front of the stocking. Press in place.

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Stitch Dog to Stocking

Using place thread, stitch around the outside edges of the dog, securing the dog to the stocking. Stitch on marked lines for design details.

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Add Pearl Cotton

Lay out black pearl cotton or yarn. Start at the top of the stocking, down over the dog, and across the toe. Arrange the thread or yarn to look like a string of Christmas lights the dog has gotten into. Starting from the back, take a few hand stitches every inch or so, tacking the pearl cotton to the stocking.

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Attach Mini Pom Poms

Place mini pom poms on the pearl cotton, positioning them to look like bulbs along the strand of lights. Stitch from the back or glue in place.

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Assemble the Stocking

Pin the stocking front to the stocking back, wrong sides together and all edges matching. Stitch around the perimeter, using a ¼-inch seam allowance. Blanket stitch around the stocking, using the first stitching line as a guide.

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Make the Hanger

Cut three 18-inch lengths of red yarn. Pin the yarn to an ironing board cover or other soft, stable surface, and braid about 7 inches, starting about 3 inches from the ends of the yarn. Fold the braid in half, tie a knot in the loose ends, and trim.

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Personalize the Stocking

Use a permanent marker to write the name on ShrinkyDink plastic. Cut out or punch a large hole in the end, then cut out the plastic, following the shape of the letters. Place the ShrinkyDink, colored side up, on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 325 degrees F for 1 to 3 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool completely. Option: embroider the name on a piece of white felt instead.


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