Wording for Formal Debutante Invitations

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The debutante ball is a young lady's introduction into high society.

A formal debutante event brings together a group of high society people for a young lady's presentation, at her coming of age. This debut into adult society is one of a girl's most important moments, and the invitations should reflect the formality of the occasion. Debutante invitations often look similar to wedding invitations, in their refined style and formal wording. Choose the wording carefully and proofread the invitation before having it printed, to ensure that everything is formal and proper.


Step 1

List the names of the debutante's parents on the first line of the invitation. These are the hosts of the event, so they are the ones who extend the formal invitation. For example, the first line might read, "Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bishop."

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Step 2

Extend the invitation on the next two lines. The first of the lines should read, "Request the pleasure of your company." The second line should indicate the type of event, which can be a dinner, tea or dance. For example, it might read, "at a dance."


Step 3

Write two lines that indicate who the debutante is. The first line should read, "in honor of their daughter." The second line contains the girl's first and middle names, as in "Elizabeth Ann." Do not include the girl's last name, because it is the same as the parents' names.


Step 4

List the date and time of the event, spelling out all of the words. For example, the first line might read, "Saturday, the sixteenth of November," and the second, "at seven o'clock in the evening."

If desired, add a line between those two that lists the year, spelled out. For example, it might read, "Two thousand and twelve."


Step 5

Write the location of the event. The first line should name the venue, which is often the parents' estate. The second line lists the address and the third lists the city and state. Spell out words instead of using abbreviations. For example, write, "Royal Manor" on the first line, "1200 Abbeyville Road" on the second and "Savannah, Georgia" on the third.


Send formal debutante invitations six weeks to three months before the event.

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