How to Reprogram a Marantec PIN

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Using a garage door opener to get in and out of your home can be a convenient way to park your car safely, but it can also provide a security issue. The Marantec wireless keyless entry pad is a device that you can have installed with your garage door opener to allow you to type in a PIN code to open the door. The PIN code on this device can be changed by following a few simple instructions.


Step 1

Slide the protective cover of the Marantec wireless keypad up to access the number pad. Press down on the "0" button and hold it for three seconds until you see the power indicator light begin to blink repeatedly. You can now begin to reprogram the PIN number.

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Step 2

Enter in the old PIN number using the number pad. You must do this in order to reprogram the PIN. If the device is newly installed, the default PIN number will be "1234." Press the "Enter" button when finished.


Step 3

Enter the new PIN that you want to program into the keypad using the number pad. This PIN must be exactly four digits and cannot be the same as the old PIN. Press the "Enter" button when finished and the indicator light will become solid to indicate the PIN was saved.


If you do not know the current PIN number, press and hold the "Light" button for three seconds until the indicator light begins to blink to erase the memory of the keypad and reset the PIN to "1234," allowing you to change it. Type in the code "9999" and release the "Light" button. The indicator light will turn on for two seconds to indicate the memory has been erased.

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