How to Serve Boiled Eggs

Soft-boiled eggs are traditionally presented in an egg cup

Eggs are a versatile ingredient found in many different cuisines. One of the simplest ways to prepare eggs is to boil them in their shells. Boiled eggs are hard cooked -- commonly called hard-boiled -- with a solid yellow yolk in the center or soft cooked, with a runny, partially cooked yolk. Boiled eggs in either form are just as versatile as their raw counterparts and can be enjoyed as is or used as a basis for various dishes from appetizers to entrees.

Soft-Boiled Eggs

Step 1

Eat the eggs as a snack. Boiled eggs make a healthy, protein-filled bite when eaten in moderation. Carefully peel the egg and then eat as is. To enhance the flavor, sprinkle a little salt and pepper or drizzle a little bit of soy sauce on the egg between bites.

Step 2

Serve with toast for breakfast. A soft-boiled egg with toast is a simple breakfast dish and sometimes is called "egg with soldiers." To make egg with soldiers, take a soft-boiled egg and gently crack the top off of the egg to reveal the partially cooked yolk. Toast a slice of bread and butter, if desired. Cut the toast lengthwise into four or five pieces called "soldiers." Dip the soldiers into the partially cooked egg yolk and eat.

Step 3

Serve soft-boiled eggs with toast and coconut spread for breakfast. Soft-boiled eggs are served with dark soy sauce and chili sauce to taste and a side of toast spread with a sweet coconut jam called "kaya." This dish originated in the Southeast Asian nation of Singapore and is served there and Malaysia.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Step 1

Make deviled eggs. Deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs that are sliced in half lengthwise, with yolks removed. The yolks are blended separately with mayonnaise and seasoning before being spooned back in to the hard-cooked egg white. Special trays with indentations for the egg halves are one way to serve deviled eggs without them sliding off the plate. To make more festive deviled eggs, pipe the yolk mixture back into the egg with a bag fitted with a decorative tip and garnish with paprika, or cayenne pepper for a kick.

Step 2

Make pickled eggs. Preserving hard-boiled eggs in a vinegar or brine solution has been used in Europe since medieval times. Pickled eggs have a strong flavor from their pickling solution and add flavor to any meal they are served in. Pickling liquid recipes vary.

Step 3

Make Scotch eggs. Scotch eggs are hard-boiled eggs that are covered with a sausage mixture, rolled in breadcrumbs and then deep fried until the sausage is thoroughly cooked and the coating is golden brown. You can use a premade sausage, with casing removed, or you can use your own homemade sausage recipe to wrap the eggs. Scotch eggs can be eaten hot or cold for breakfast or as a snack.

Step 4

Use sliced boiled eggs as a pizza topping. Pizza can be topped with just about anything, including eggs. For a twist on the traditional Italian pizza, try a French version with sliced eggs, brie and oil-packed anchovies as the toppings.

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