How to Use a Liquid Potpourri Candle Warmer

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Things You'll Need

  • Scented candle wax tart

  • Aromatic oil

  • Liquid potpourri

Tea light is used in some candle warmers to heat the aromatic oil or wax.

Candle warmers come in many shapes, sizes and colors so you can coordinate your aromatherapy device with your home decor. The basic design of a candle warmer is a bowl situated above either an electrical heating element or a small tea light candle. The heat source warms your choice of wax tarts, aromatic oils or other liquid potpourri to fill the room with your favorite aromas.


Step 1

Select candle wax tarts, aromatic oil or liquid potpourri for your candle warmer. Tarts are scented candles without the wick. Melting them over low heat extends their life by many hours. An average wax tart lasts between 10 and 12 hours. Tarts are easier to use because they harden when cooled, making cleanup and changing scents easier. Aromatic oils and liquid potpourri are similar to each other in that they are both liquids that release scents when warmed. Liquid potpourri may be water- or oil-based, but the oil-based products, including aromatic oils, typically last longer with an average life of about eight to ten hours. Water-based liquid potpourri usually lasts about four to six hours.


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Step 2

Determine whether your candle warmer uses electricity or a tea light to warm the candle wax tart, aromatic oils or liquid potpourri. If the device has no electrical cord, power button or battery compartment, you need to use a tea light to warm the candle.

Step 3

Place the aromatic oil, scented wax tart or other liquid potpourri in the dish or bowl at the top of the candle warmer.


Step 4

Plug the candle warmer's cord into an electrical outlet and switch it to the "On" position if it is powered by electricity. If it is not electric, locate the opening for the tea light at the bottom of the candle warmer. Some warmers have a little door here. Place a tea light in the bottom of the candle warmer and light it.


Whether your candle warmer is electric or powered by tea lights, never leave it unattended.

Some candle warmers are not safe to use with aromatic oils. Read your candle warmer's instruction manual for directions for safe use.



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