How to Make a Bed Sheet Into a Robe

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You can turn any bed sheet into a robe.
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Are you wondering how to make a robe out of a sheet? This is an easy DIY project for someone who is just learning how to sew. The robe will be lightweight and cozy, and you can pop it in the washer whenever it needs to be cleaned. If you want a heavier robe, there are ways to make these from fabrics like fleece as well.


Making a Robe Out of a Sheet

Making a DIY robe from sheets is an accessible project for beginners. To complete this project, you will need a queen-size, 100-percent-cotton jersey bedsheet, a tape measure, pins or sewing clips, a sewing machine, scissors and a wide ribbon that you can use for a belt. Fold your sheet in half and then fold it in half again. Measure your waist and hold your finger on that measurement. Lay it on top of the folded sheet with the 0-inch mark at the folded edge.


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Using this "half waist" like a guide, snip up the side until you get 75 percent of the way up. Cut out the sleeve from the open edge. Hold up the sheet and you will have the main body and a sleeve on either side. Pin or clip up the cut edges carefully and use the sewing machine to close up the edges with a single, straight stitch. The robe will be fairly basic, but you can customize it with a unique belt, embroidery, iron-on appliques or even some gemstones to suit your tastes.


Make a Fleece Bed Robe

You can also make a DIY fringed fleece robe with no sewing required. This is a "one size fits most" project for which you will need 2 1/4 yards of fleece. The body of the robe needs to be 50 inches long, and the yoke will be 28 inches long.


Once you have cut out these two parts, cut fringes that are 4 1/2 inches apart on one side of the body's width. Put in a safety pin at the folded edge beneath the end of the fringe.

Next, you will need to work on the yoke. Fold this part lengthwise and then lengthwise again. To cut a circle for the head, measure down 4 inches on the top and side of one end, place pins, cut out a quarter-circle and take out the pins.


Next Steps for a Fleece Robe

Open up the fabric once and cut one layer of the material in a straight line from the bottom up to the neckline. Fringe the length of the bottom of the unfolded edge as in the body and open this up.


Measure and pin the center back and then line up both center back pins. Now, fold in the sides of the body piece so that they meet right at the center pin. Mark the corners with pins and open up the body once again.

Join together the body and yoke by tying the fringes together in overhang knots, starting in the center and moving toward the edges. Fold down the yoke on top and fold in the body sides. Now, tie the top and yoke fringes in the front. Finish by tying together the wrist fringes.



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