How to Make a Bed Sheet Into a Robe

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Things You'll Need

  • Twin or full bed sheet

  • 4 safety pins

You can turn any bed sheet into a toga style robe.

Your bed sheet can come in handy for a costume party or as minimal clothing in a pinch. And at a college party, it's absolutely appropriate. Turning a plain bed sheet into a robe can be done in just a few minutes with minimal effort. The easiest of the bed sheet robe options is the basic toga style robe. It will cover the essentials and all you'll need is a laurel headpiece to make you look as if you stepped right out of Ancient Rome.

Step 1

Hold a well-ironed twin or full sized bed sheet horizontal from the floor in front of you. Fold it so that the length is appropriate from your upper waist to the bottom of the sheet. The bottom should not drag the floor but should instead be somewhere between the upper ankle and the knee. It all depends on the look you're going for.

Step 2

Wrap the sheet around your waist, once the length is right, as tightly as you would wear the waistband of a pair of pants and bring the sheet together in the front to one side. It will go around one or two times, depending on your body size. Leave a portion of sheet hanging from the waist that is long enough to reach the floor.

Step 3

Use two safety pins to secure the place where the sheet meets, leaving a portion of the sheet dangling free after pinning. The sheet should be tight enough with the help of the pins to keep it from slipping off your hips to the floor when you walk. If it is not, tighten and re-pin the sheet.

Step 4

Grab the portion of the sheet that is hanging down to the floor and toss it over the opposite shoulder from the nearest hip. The sheet should drape widely across the chest, covering one shoulder and leaving the other shoulder bare. The length should be long enough to go over the shoulder and wrap back around to the waist on the side of the wearer.

Step 5

Take the end of the sheet that is draped over the shoulder and tuck it securely into the waist of the toga. For added security, put two more safety pins in the end of the sheet and attach it to the waist of the robe. This will ensure the top section of the sheet stays in place during movement.