How to Tie Rope for Trimming Tree Limbs

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Large tree limbs are heavy and dangerous when removed from a tree, especially from higher branches. Take care when removing these limbs by securing them with a rope to prevent possible property damage or additional tree damage as the limbs are cut. Have a partner help with cutting or lowering the limb rather than attempting on your own.


Step 1

Throw a 3/4-inch rope over a large branch above the limb you want to remove. Grab both ends of the rope, placing your weight on the rope to check the upper limb for strength and stability.

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Step 2

Tie a clove hitch knot around the tree limb you want to remove. Wrap the short end of the rope completely around the limb. Place the shorter end of the rope over the top of the wrap. Wrap the short end of the rope around the limb once more to the left of the first wrap. Thread the short end of the rope underneath the second loop, giving the knot a figure eight appearance. Grab each end of the rope and pull the knot tight.


Step 3

Hold the long end of the rope to secure the limb as a partner cuts the limb from the tree. Slowly lower the cut limb to the ground by allowing the rope to slide through your hands.