How to Make a Barber Pole Out of PVC

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Things You'll Need

  • 6 foot PVC pole

  • Additional PVC piping

  • Red and blue duct tape

  • Light bulb

  • Light bulb fixture with plug

  • Extension cord

  • Round glass light fixture

  • Drill

  • Liquid caulk

A barber poles tells you whether or not the barber shop is open.

Old fashioned barber poles are heartwarming symbols of the classic neighborhood hotspots, where hair-cutting is the main order of business. The poles tell customers both the nature of the business and whether or not the shop is open via a light usually that usually fits into the top end of the pole. It is simple to make your own barber pole construction with PVC pipes and a light bulb. Red and blue duct tape will produce the classic, bold colors without quickly fading.


Step 1

Dig a small trench leading from the nearest power outlet to where you want the barber pole to stand. Use a post drilling tool to dig a hole into which your pole will fit. The hole should be at least 2 feet deep.

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Step 2

Purchase a 5 or 6 foot long piece of PVC piping. The pipe should be between 4 and 5 inches in diameter. Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the pipe 12 inches from one end. This will be the end that goes into the ground.

Step 3

Cut a small piece of PVC pipe to run along the trench you dug. Run the extension cord through the trench pipe. Stick the plug end of the cord through the hole you drilled in your pole pipe and then pull it through until it reaches the top end.

Step 4

Place the pole PVC in the ground; the hole you drill should be level with the depth of the trench. Use liquid caulk to connect the pole PVC and the trench PVC at a 90 degree angle so the cord can pass from one pipe to the other without coming into contact with moisture.


Step 5

Plug the end of the extension cord into your outlet. Choose an outlet connected to a switch so you can turn the barber pole light on and off from your building.

Step 6

Fill in the trench covering the trench PVC and the cord.


Step 7

Decorate your barber pole with red and blue duct tape. Alternate these classic colors in a spiral pattern on the white PVC pipe so it resembles an old fashioned barber pole.

Step 8

Plug the fixture into the extension cord inside the pole. Fix the light bulb fixture in place on top of the barber pole using either a metal frame purchased from your hardware store or weatherproof caulk.


Step 9

Fit the top of the pole with a round glass light covering. Glue or tape this covering onto the pole so no moisture can enter through the fitting.


Perform all electrical work with the power breaker in the off position so you do not risk electrocution. Even though a simple light seems like it may not use a lot of electricity an outlet electrocution can cause injury and death.


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