How to Slow Cook Steaks in the Oven

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Things You'll Need

  • Non-stick cooking spray

  • Frying pan

  • Oven pan with foil

  • Oven mittens

Season your steak before slow cooking it to give it a hint of flavor.

Preparing steaks on a grill over a pile of hot charcoal has always been the staple of outdoor barbecues. Nevertheless, there are other options when it comes to preparing steaks while sealing in the juices. Slow cooking your steaks in the oven provides a healthy cooking method, according to Easy Steak Marinades, and can deliver constantly tender and delicious results time and time again.


Step 1

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F.

Step 2

Take a pan and spray some non-stick cooking spray into the frying pan. Turn on the stove top and place the steaks on the pan for 1 minute per side on a medium setting.

Step 3

Spray some non-stick cooking spray on a foil-covered pan and place it in the oven. As each steak finishes cooking in the frying pan, place the steak into the oven pan. Repeat for all steaks.

Step 4

Close the oven door and allow the steak to cook at 250 degrees F for three to four hours.


Always use oven mittens when opening and closing oven handles or pulling out pans and trays to avoid major burns.