Mirro 22 Qt Pressure Canner Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Food

  • Canning jars and seals

  • Water

  • 1 tablespoon vinegar

  • Timer

  • Jar lift

  • Cooling rack

Pressure canners preserve food safely for winter storage.

Mirro manufactures its 22-quart pressure canner from durable aluminum alloy. The unit has a pressure release valve and a lid that locks in place to prevent injury during canning, and its 22-quart capacity can accommodate up to seven quart jars for maximum canning efficiency. The Mirro pressure canner is a useful tool for stocking a pantry with summer's bounty to enjoy over the winter.


Step 1

Fill the jars with food. If the food is cooked, fill the jar loosely. If it is raw, pack tightly, because the food will shrink during heating. Seal the jars.

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Step 2

Pour two to three inches of water into the Mirro canner. If you are processing something that needs a longer processing time, add two more inches of water to prevent the canner from boiling dry. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to prevent staining.


Step 3

Place all the jars on the canning rack inside the unit.

Step 4

Close the canner lid, aligning the lid handles with the handles on the main unit. Leave the pressure control weight off.

Step 5

Turn the stove on high, and heat the Mirro canner until steam jets out of the vents. Allow the steam to vent for ten minutes.


Step 6

Place the pressure control weight on the steam port in the top center of the lid to pressurize the Mirro canner. The weight will start to jiggle when the unit is pressurized. The gauge should also indicate the pressure level.

Step 7

Time the processing from when the gauge reads the proper level for your food, or when the weight jiggles. Consult a food processing time chart to determine how long to process the food. (see Resources)


Step 8

Adjust the heat as necessary to keep the pressure at or above the required level for the length of time needed to process the food. At this point the pressure control weight should jiggle two to three times per minute. If at any time the Mirro indicates it has lost pressure, begin timing again from the beginning.


Step 9

Remove the unit from the heat, and allow it to cool and depressurize. Do not rush the process. This can take up to an hour for a 22-quart unit. Gently nudge the unit and watch for steam coming out of the vent to check if your Mirro has depressurized completely.

Step 10

Remove the pressure control weight. After ten minutes, unlock the lid and remove it carefully, raising the far side first so the steam vents away from you.

Step 11

Lift the jars out with a jar lifter, and set them on a rack to cool for 24 hours. Do not rush the cooling process.


The processing times in pressure cooking guides are based on altitudes from sea level to 2000 feet. Add five percent to the cooking time for every 1000 feet over the recommended range.


Never use the unit without liquid.

Always use caution, and keep children and pets away from the Mirro pressure canner when in use.

This canner is not intended for use on outdoor propane stoves or flat glass or ceramic stoves.


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