How to Cook in a KitchenAid Convection Oven

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Keep an adequate amount of space around food within your convection oven.

Convection ovens cook food differently from standard gas or electric ovens. They work by circulating heated air via a fan. The fan is in a separate part of the oven to avoid overheating -- in the back wall of the oven in KitchenAid convection ovens. Food cooks quicker in a convection oven as the air within the oven is constantly moving, removing any cool air that would otherwise remain around the food during cooking in a standard oven. KitchenAid makes a range of convection ovens, styles include both wall mount and as part of free-standing ranges.


Step 1

Preheat the oven before cooking. This ensures the food is cooked thoroughly at the desired temperature.

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Step 2

Prepare a shallow pan in a suitable size for your recipe -- cookie sheets are effective. Pans and casserole dishes with tall sides tend to cook the food unevenly as air cannot properly circulate throughout the dish. A shiny metal pan will make your food crisper as it reflects heat. Foods such as cookies and french fries should be cooked in shiny pans.


Step 3

Reduce cooking temperatures by 20 degrees F and keep cooking times the same to alter recipes intended for standard electric or gas ovens. Reduce the time by about 15 minutes, but keep the temperatures the same for roasting recipes. Some KitchenAid models have a function -- EasyConvect -- that automatically calculates the proper convection cooking temperature based on the type of food being prepared.


Step 4

Place cooking dished in the oven so there is at least 1 inch between baking dishes and between the dishes and the walls of the oven. There must be adequate room for air circulation in order for the food to cook properly.


Cooking times and temperatures will vary based on your oven. Model types vary. See your owner's manual for specific cooking instructions for your specific KitchenAid convection oven model. KitchenAid convection ovens have modes designed for baking, broiling, roasting and cooking whole meals at once.


Do not cover the bottom of the convection oven or the racks with aluminum foil as the foil will prevent adequate air circulation.



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