How to Paint a Weber Grill

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Things You'll Need

  • Mild soap

  • Sponge

  • Fine-grit sandpaper

  • Old newspapers

  • Painter's tape

  • High-heat-resistant spraypaint

Weber grills come in two exteriors: stainless steel, or a combination that includes a porcelain hood and a metal frame. Stainless-steel grills may stain from smoke or grease, but do not require painting. Remove any stains with mild soap and a sponge. Avoid using steel wool or abrasive cleaners that will scratch the finish. Never paint the porcelain hood. The addition of paint or the use of sandpaper on the hood will cause irreparable damage. However, Weber grills with metal endcaps and cook boxes, may require painting to repair chips or restore the finish.


Step 1

Wash and dry the outside of the cook box and endcaps using a mild soap and a sponge. Remove all grease and soot.

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Step 2

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the cook box and endcaps. If any paint is peeling, break off the paint scales and use the sandpaper to roughen the exposed metal to smooth the edges of the chipped paint. Do not use sandpaper on the hood of the Weber grill; it will damage the finish.

Step 3

Cover the hood of the grill and any exposed grill pieces with old newspaper to prevent paint splatters. Use painter's tape to edge the endcaps and cover any small pieces.

Step 4

Use a high-heat-resistant spraypaint to coat the cook box and endcaps. According to the Weber Grill website, you should use "heat resistant Barbecue Black or Fireplace Black Spray Paints." Spray lightly over the entire area, avoiding drips.


Step 5

Allow the paint to dry overnight.

Step 6

Apply a second coat of high-heat-resistant paint and allow the paint to dry overnight.

Step 7

Remove all paper and tape from the grill.

Step 8

Light the grill and maintain a high temperature to completely dry and heat-cure the paint.


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