How to Make Your Own Sewing Desk With a Machine Lift

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Things You'll Need

  • Desk

  • Sewing machine lift

  • Sewing machine

  • Woodworking tools

A sewing machine lift can align your sewing machine with the desk surface.

If you've done much sewing, you know how troublesome it can be to lift your sewing project even with the sewing surface of your machine. Lifting your project up to level may cause some fabrics to stretch, or bending may put pressure on seams running perpendicular to your current seam. Installing your sewing machine into a desk with a machine lift eliminates these problems, but sewing tables can be pricey. If you enjoy woodworking, you can save money by making a custom sewing desk with a machine lift.


Step 1

Buy or make a wood sewing desk. The desk's work surface should be about 28 inches high. It must have a solid panel along the back side. The work surface must be solid wood or another machinable material.

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Step 2

Select and purchase a sewing machine lift mechanism. Look for a lift that adjusts to three heights to allow the user to place the sewing machine on the desk, below the desk or with it's work surface even with the desk's surface.


Step 3

Place the sewing machine on the desk in the location where the user will operate it. Mark a rectangle around the machine to show where the lifting platform will be cut out. The rectangle should be slightly larger than the machine itself to allow space for the sewing machine cables and other accessories to pass through the hole.


Step 4

Make a starting hole using a drill or Dremel tool. Cut out the rectangular lifting platform, taking care not to damage it. Separate it from the surface of the desk.

Step 5

Attach the sewing machine lift to the inner back wall of the desk, under the work surface. Place the machine lift so that the highest position will raise the rectangle to the height of the sewing desk. At this position, the sewing machine will sit on top of the desk.


Step 6

Attach the rectangle to the sewing machine lift mechanism. Set the stopping height for the second position so the sewing surface of your machine is even with the surface of the sewing desk.


Most sewing machines can be screwed to the surface of a table. You may wish to drill holes in the rectangular piece that supports the sewing machine so that your machine can be attached to the sewing machine lift surface.



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