How to Assemble Wardrobe Boxes

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Wardrobe boxes are a cinch to assemble.

As you prepare to pack your hanging clothes for a move, for storage or for some other purpose, you will find that using a wardrobe box is a convenient means of accomplishing your task. Assembling your wardrobe boxes will only take a few moments and can easily be accomplished in a few steps. Do not be intimidated by the size and weight of the boxes; the bigger and heavier they are, the better they will withstand the rigors of moving.


Step 1

Take the flat wardrobe box and turn it upside down. Open the box, fold down the flaps opposite one another, and tape them closed. Repeat with the other flaps. If you are not tall, you may need to place the box on its side in order to tape down the flaps and push the box up against a wall to gain leverage while you tape the flaps.


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Step 2

Turn or stand the wardrobe box right side up, so that the bottom that you just taped is now on the floor. Fold down the front flap for access to the inside of the box.

Step 3

Stick your hand through the two perforated openings at the top. Rest the hanging bar on the openings you just created, so that the hanging bar is now parallel with the floor. For added security, tape the hanging bar by the flat piece which lays flush against the side of the box, to the side of the box.


Step 4

Stick your hand through the perforated openings which are about midway down the side. These serve as handles for moving the box once you have filled it.

Step 5

Hang all of the items that you wish to move or store in the box on the hanging bar. The hanging bar of the wardrobe box functions in much the same way as the hanging bar of your closet.


Step 6

Lift the box to make sure it is not too heavy and that you have not filled it too full. Take out as many items as needed to make the box manageable. If the box is still light and easy to lift, add a few items. Tape the flaps on the top of the box in the same way you taped the flaps on the bottom of the box to complete assembly of your wardrobe box.


Don't forget to take advantage of the floor space in the box; a few shoe boxes or folded items can be placed in the bottom of the box.


To avoid injury or strain, bend your knees slightly as you lift the box.

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