How to Clean Ultrasuede Upholstery

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Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments

  • Clean, white towels

  • Dry cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol

  • Soft-bristled brush

Ultrasuede is a manufactured fabric made from microfibers. Microfibers are microscopic fibers that are bonded instead of woven together as in other fabrics. Ultrasuede has a similar texture to suede, but it's more durable and easier to maintain. Like suede, Ultrasuede has a nap and should be brushed gently to keep the nap fluffed properly. Spot cleaning is generally enough for routine maintenance of your Ultrasuede upholstery. If your furniture becomes excessively dirty, however, contact a carpeting and upholstery specialist so they can clean it professionally for you.


Step 1

Vacuum your Ultrasuede upholstery with the wand and attachments. Vacuuming helps to remove loose dust, dirt and hair so you can see any spots that need cleaning.

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Step 2

Blot any spills with a clean, white towel. Don't rub because that can damage the Ultrasuede fibers.

Step 3

Spot clean your Ultrasuede upholstery using dry cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol on a clean, white cloth. Dab the solvent into the spot instead of rubbing.

Step 4

Blot the fabric dry with a clean, white towel.

Step 5

Brush the nap of your Ultrasuede upholstery with a soft-bristled brush. Brush lightly to avoid damaging the fibers.


Test any cleaning products in an inconspicuous location to be sure the color does not run. Do not remove your upholstery from your furniture, even if it has zippers. Washing your upholstery in your washing machine is never recommended.


Use both dry cleaning solvent and rubbing alcohol in a well-ventilated area. Keep all cleaning supplies away from children and pets.


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