How to Ship Oranges

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box

  • Dry-ice pack

  • Packing paper

  • Packing tape

  • Permanent marker

Send the juicy treat of fresh oranges for your next gift to that special someone.

Fresh oranges make a delicious and healthy gift or memento from a sunny vacation. Fruit can be shipped within the United States through the United States Postal Service or other shippers that provide package-delivery services. With the proper packaging and shipping methods -- and the proper choice of oranges -- your package should arrive at the recipient's door tasting fresh.


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Step 1

Choose ripe oranges with a firm skin to protect them during shipping. Avoid oranges that have soft spots, or ones that are too ripe.

Step 2

Pack oranges in a thick, sturdy cardboard box.


Step 3

Include a dry-ice pack on the bottom of the box if you are shipping the oranges during hot weather.

Step 4

Place packing paper around the oranges, to prevent shifting and bruising during shipping.


Step 5

Seal the entire box with packing tape, wrapping it on all sides to prevent tears to the box or leaking juice from the fruit.

Step 6

Address the box with a permanent marker.

Step 7

Mark your box "fragile" or "perishable" and label it "dry ice," if you have included dry ice in your package.

Step 8

Send your package from the post office using next-day air, second-day air, or three-day select for best results.


Ship oranges on a Monday or a Tuesday to lessen the chances of your package sitting in a mail room over the weekend. Pack your oranges tightly with packing paper or tissue paper to prevent the fruit from being bruised or crushed.



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