How to Smoke With a Masterbuilt Smoker

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Things You'll Need

  • Charcoal

  • Lighter fluid

  • Wood chips

  • Grill lighter or long match

  • Water or marinade

  • Oven mitts

Masterbuilt smokers add flavor and aroma by slow-cooking meat. Like a grill, smokers are used outside and use charcoal to provide the heat. Add a marinade in the smoker's water bowl to add even more dimension to the meat's flavor. Soak wood chips in water overnight and add them to the charcoal to produce the smoke. Prepare your smoker for use in a few simple steps.


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Step 1

Season your smoker before use. Light the smoker unit. Heat it until the temperature settles between "Warm" and "Ideal." Put three wood chunks in the wood bowl. Allow the unit to run empty of food or water for at least two hours to remove the new-unit smell.

Step 2

Remove the lid, upper section, grill rack and water bowl from the base pan by lifting straight up.

Step 3

Add charcoal to the wood bowl. Soak the charcoal with lighter fluid. Allow it to soak for two minutes.


Step 4

Light the charcoal with a grill lighter or long match. Wait until the charcoal burns to the point where there is no noticeable flame and the charcoal is covered in white ash. Add your drained wood chips. Popular wood chip choices include mesquite, apple, cherry, oak and used wine barrels.

Step 5

Replace the water bowl inside the base pan. Fill it with water or a liquid marinade. Replace the grill rack on top of the water bowl.

Step 6

Place your meat on top of the grill rack. Replace the upper section and lid. Adjust the top vents slightly open to circulate the smoke.

Step 7

Add wood chips periodically by using the door on the smoker's side.


Always use oven mitts when opening the side wood-chip door or when touching any piece of metal on the unit.